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»  The New "Final Nights", No Books of Men
 Posted: Aug 11 2014, 09:20 PM

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Due to a whole lot of craziness, the moderating/admin team on Final Nights were unable to continue maintaining the site. That doesn't mean that any of us truly abandoned the idea of running a site. Thus, we have created a new site called “No Books of Men.”

No Book for Men is the spiritual successor to Final Nights and shares many of the characters and themes that you would recognize from FN but with a new spin. At this time, due to it being run primarily by darkkenchild, it is exclusively a Mage site though with sufficient interest (and xp over on No Books) other character types may open in the future.

As for what you can expect from No Books: Well, it's an alternate version of Mage: the Ascension wherein the Technocracy and the Traditions never formed (at least not as they did in the default setting). Instead, the Order of Hermes has absorbed many of those who would've joined the Traditions (and some of who would join the Technocracy) into their Nine Great Houses. House Tremere never fell to vampirism and instead became a self-serving organization calling themselves the Exarchic Ministries who seeks to quash all those who would question their authority to rule the world and the Sleepers who live there, including the Order.

Through organizations like the Freemasons and the Illuminati, the Exarchs and the Hermetics wage a war to influence Sleepers to their side. Such conspiracies aren't the only way that the Hermetics seek to win influence away from the Exarchs, they also see the need to educate young willworkers in the ways of survival (and slowly increase the numbers opposing the Exarchs and their minions). No Books takes place at the Columbiana Acacdemy (formally the Collegium Illustrata Columbiana), an institution hidden in the Colorado Rockies intended to train young mages in the ways of the Order of Hermes whether it be through incantation or invention.

No Books is not formally open yet and official Sitewide Plots will not begin for a few more weeks, but as it is now in “Open Beta” I (darkkenchild) wish to formally invite all former and current Final Nights players to join up if they are interested. I hope to see some of you over there! happy.gif


Click Me to visit “No Books of Men”
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