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Jocaste Williams
 Posted: May 13 2014, 08:30 PM

Questioning Fury
17, Garou


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Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Jocaste Williams

Alias: Jo, Luna's-Doubt

Age: 17

Affiliation: Cliath, Black Fury, Ragabash, Homid

PB: Amber Liu

Appearance: No notable differences

Personality: Jo is still finding herself. Standing upon the cusp of adulthood, made even more complicated by her recent First Change, Jo is very uncertain of what direction her life will go, but that doesn't bother her. It will come to her in time; in the meantime she drifts between social groups, political ideologies, and philosophies almost as often as most change their clothes.
Despite this fractured approach to life, Jo finds plenty of room for expression in her (his/xir/their) life depending on what her approach to life might be at the moment. She goes through her every day life with a smile and a snide remark for everyone she meets, proving that the only true constant in her life is a sense of superiority and biting humor.

Having already given up on the chance any role of importance in the Garou Nation, Jo was caught a bit off guard by her change. After all, a female Kin amongst a tribe of women and sterile men? What was even the point of her? To say nothing of the fact that she had little to no real knowledge of Garou before her change. Since changing, though, she has managed to adapt quite well. Or at least she thinks so. She managed to pass her Rite, sure, but her biting sarcasm and constant questioning of her Elders hasn't exactly endeared her to her superiors...

History: Some Garou are born knowing their place in life, growing up surrounded by their people and knowledgable Kin. Others, like Jocaste, are not so lucky. While her parents, both Kin, were well known to their Garou relatives, neither parent was much interested in playing with family politics or mingling socially with those who saw them as little more than breeding stock. Her father, a third generation South Korean tech consultant was only rarely in contact with his Bane Tender brother. Her mother, in contrast, was an often overlooked Black Fury Kin making a living as an artist in New York. If not for a chance encounter when he was visiting New York on business, the two would likely have never met across such distance and tribal divides. Meet they did, however, and after taking the time to relocate to NYC her father moved into a comfortable suburban life with his new wife.

Jocaste was born into this comfortable life and raised with only the vaguest sense of the genetic legacy of her parents. She knew that her uncle and a few of her aunts were 'different' but was never intimately introduced to the whole truth of the Garou Nation. That was exactly how her parents liked it. As such, she had little to no contact with anyone with the skills to identify or even notice the early signs of her burgeoning Rage when it began to manifest in her early teens. Even her parents missed the signs, instead they passed it off as a simple matter of teenaged angst and rebellion.

Almost instinctively, Jo knew that her parents would never understand what was really going on with her; after all, even she didn't know. So, like much of her generation, she turned to the internet. She lived a life between extremes of depression and anger for a number of years, only the 'therapy' of her online communities to keep her 'sane.' It was an uneasy equilibrium to say the least, but it worked... for a time.

A few short months after her sixteenth birthday, however, proved to be the ultimate tipping point. While walking back to the subway after a particularly late get together with some of her friends from school, she found herself confronted in a dark corner of the station. The muggers saw her as a young woman and easy prey, seeking only her pocketbook but threatening far more to ensure that she cooperated. The stress and the surety of an impending rape was enough to drive Jo over the edge. In her terror, she barely noticed the physical changes washing over her and instead focused only on running. The sudden appearance of a Crinos form Garou was certainly enough to give the muggers pause, thus giving her pleanty of time to make her escape.

Jo ran for what seemed like an eternity, not conciously aware of anything around her but the need to get away. Through fate, or something else, she found herself on the fringes of Central Park when she finally came back to her senses. As she sat, cold and terrified in the tatters that remained of her clothes, she noticed an old woman approaching her. There was no agression in the woman's tone, only gentle care and patience as she talked Jo down from the proverbial edge. By the time that the woman escorted Jo back to the subway and the girl was finally back in her own home, she finally knew what had kept her on edge for so long.

Over the following year, Jo grew and adapted to her new life. There was, and still is, tremendous tension between her and her parents now that she was entering the very life they had tried to shield her from for so long. They have cautiously allowed her to visit the Sept frequently to learn the ins and outs of life amongst the Garou, but they make their displeasure quite clear; especially as they find themselves once again thrust into a life they themselves have distanced themselves from for so long. For now, a careful detante exists between the forces pulling Jo in so many directions; of course, that does little to alleviate the confusion and frustration of her life. She only hopes that it lasts.

Now that Jo is fresh from her Rite of Passage, having joined the rnaks of her mother's tribe no less, she knows that something is about to change. Soon, by both laws of humanity and Garou alike, she will be ready to strike out on her own. Part of her is enthused at the thought of finally leaving the umbrella of her parents, but another part is terrified. Until now, her entire life has drifted between school and the comfort of her own bedroom (and her computer), but no potential course before her seems easy or comfortable. As it stands, she is applying to local universities and involving herself in Sept life, trying to find the balance between 'normal' life and life as Garou. Only Gaia knows if she'll ever find it...

Special Skills, Abilities, Notes:
- City Running
- Heightened Senses
- Open Seal
 Posted: May 25 2014, 10:21 PM

The Garou Guru
N/A, Admin


Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Face Claim and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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