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»  Battle Etiquette, Rules on how we handle fights
 Posted: Oct 20 2013, 11:24 PM

The Garou Guru
N/A, Admin

Conflict is going to happen... not all characters are going to get along and there is so much confrontation between all the species. Fights and battles are going to be something that happens.

However we at Final Nights have some ground rules (I know, more rules it's terrible but it's needed.) - First thing is first, anytime a fight happens please remember that it is In Character and shall remain there. Do not drag a heated argument into the Cbox, we RP for fun, no need to get super serious about it.

Leading into the second part - please be RESPECTFUL when hashing out in character. Out of character jabs are only okay if you both are making the jokes and it's for funsies only. Please communicate with each other - lay out boundaries - avoid character death unless you have explicit permission from the other player. Do not use your abilities to bully characters and players either, I will see this as Godmodding and there will be consequences for it.

Because this is a Free Form RP (meaning no dice), all fights are give and take. You throw a punch, you receive a punch - no one is invincible or untouchable. Take your scrapes.

Who wins the fight, is up to you and the other players involved. Some like to know the outcome before the fight starts, me personally I like to think it's a game of chess and if I can find a way to out do a player I will take it. However you handle it is fine, but do it with consideration and respect.

Failing to win a fight is just as good as winning a fight - it's all about the character development - so take a chance and leave an opening for the other player to at least escape or make a quick turn with the upper hand. Do not under any circumstances make it impossible for them to do anything in return.

One last thing, to the Supers on this site - I do not - under any circumstances want to see: Rotes, Disciplines, Artifacts, Edges or Gifts being used on a player without EXPRESSED permission. They are meant to be used as tools, not to be out right abused. I will handle cases like these with very little understanding or patience. It is rude, disrespectful and can make other players uncomfortable.
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