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Magnus Bergstrom


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Jun 20 2014, 08:21 AM
Early morning sunlight is broken by the rustling leaves all around. Dappling the ground at Magnus' feet, the light rakes across his body as he walks the same circle, again and again.

The same cool breeze that agitates the trees tousles his blond hair. His arms are held out, relaxed but firm in a pose that suggests whatever it is that he is doing has, or had at one time, some martial context.

This area of the park is notably busy, considering the hour, but his hustle is countered by the relaxed, unconcerned gaze on the Scandinavian's face. A small, passive smile graces his otherwise stern lips.

The bastardisation of tai-chi and circular dance continues with little sign of exertion from the blond-haired player. Having said that, a stain of perspiration has begun to blossom on his back, between his shoulder-blades.

He is dressed simply, in loose-fitting clothing. A nearby holdall, apparently abandoned on the ground nearby, also appears to belong to him. Protruding from it's zip, a simple white towel and drink bottle.

Mar 15 2014, 04:43 PM
His feet were beginning to hit the concrete with a thud. He had been walking for hours. Usually not too bad at finding his bearings, Magnus found that a city the size of New York was just so.... bewildering in it's complexity that it was easy to get lost. All too easy, as that was precisely the situation in which he now found himself.

Dressed simply in baggy jeans, boots on his feet and a mac covering the vast majority of his broad torso, he didn't especially stand out from other denizens of the city. Indeed, his expression was not really one of a person who was lost. Instead, his weathered yet handsome-enough face bore a relaxed smile. He saw no point in getting stressed and angry at being lost in a new city. Stuff like this happened now and then. At least there were no meetings for him until next week. He could relax. If he didn't find his hotel again soon, he'd simply call a cab.

Besides, he was quite enjoying seeing a side to the city that most visitors rarely got to see. Sightseeing never really interested him. He was always more concerned with people and how they interacted. New York, he could see, was a place that was full of life - even if it was a blight upon Gaia's ailing form.

On the pavement up ahead, he could see a crowd of people gathered. He wondered with genuine interest what could be causing the obstruction, though personal experience suggested to him that he should be wary as he approached.

His gait did not falter, remaining as languid and relaxed as before, but he craned his neck slightly and frowned a little, trying to make out what was going on.

Mar 12 2014, 04:01 PM
Player Name: Dibzva
Character Name: Magnus Aksel Bergstrom

Alias: Howl That Binds

Age: 45. Can look younger or older, depending how well presented he is. On the occasions he sports a shaggy beard and dishevelled clothing, he can look over 50.

Affiliation: Get of Fenris

PB: Dolph Lundgren

Appearance: Has a tendency to grow out a long beard and then shave it completely off at a whim. Facial hair subject to change.

Personality: He's quite a controversial philodox, in that he's been known to start as many fights as he ends and even join in them himself, when he feels that is necessary to acheive a satisfactory result. It has been noted by some other elder garou, though that he was acting more as a catalyst to speed along a peaceful resolution, rather than just creating discord for the sake of it.

He's currently without a pack, something which he is seeking to rectify. He hates not having packmates to rely on. However, he is beginning to resent the fact that he is now a more mature garou and is increasingly feeling out of touch with the generally more youthful packs that seem to be most active at this time.

He has a very affable, relaxed manner. His gait is slow and controlled. In conversation, his responses are thoughtful and soft-spoken. His deep voice resonates with a rumble from his large chest. At times, on the few occasions that he does smile, his manner can seem to border on the flirtatious, though it is difficult to divine whether this is intentional on his part or not. Undoubtedly, he is charismatic and persuasive - some would even say manipulative.

But he does harbour a deep, slow burning passion that means when his anger is finally roused, he can be terribly violent and aggressive. For the most part, though, he keeps that in check.

History: Born in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland in early 1969, Magnus was lucky enough to be born into a very loving family. An only child, his mother and father adored him and this, coupled with growing up with the wilderness of the arctic circle all around him, shaped him into a very introverted yet inquisitive boy.

His childhood was very happy, yet even though he would still wonder occasionally at what life was like in other parts of the world - the places he had read about in books. School was a little difficult, he didn't really seem to get along with the other children and frequently got into fights. Whenever he could, he would strap on his skis and take the cross-country tracks into the forests and mountains around his home.

Then, in his teens, his family discovered the garou heritage that began to manifest in him. Their estranged relative, Uncle Brettel, agreed to take care of Magnus and help him through what they had told friends was Magnus' 'difficult time'. Until that point, Uncle Brettel had been an estranged relative who kept a protective watch over their family, but who had very little contact. That was, until their eldest son was recognised to be a young garou pup.

Uncle Brettel tutored Magnus well and also instilled in him a sense of responsibiity for the health of Gaia and a hatred of the tortures being inflicted upon her by the actions of mankind. Kiirunavaara, the mountain near their home was the site of the largest underground iron ore mine in the world. Uncle Brettel and his packmates would strive to disrupt the work going on there, seeing the mine as a blight upon the beautiful arctic wilderness.

However, Magnus could see that the mine was the major source of income for the area, providing jobs for the majority of humans in the town. He could also see that the town's tourism also relied somewhat on the mine and that many humans were able to experience the majesty of the local landscape due in no small part to the life enabled by that same mine. Being a Scandinavian company, the mine's processes were carefully measured for their environmental impact and so Magnus felt that there were more deserving targets for their rage than the Kiruna mine complex.

So it was that Magnus went off in search of a pack. It wasn't long before he settled into a pack that he felt was perfect for him. As a group, they ranged across Northern Europe, combatting the worst ravages of the corporations against Gaia's holy ecosystem. Within that pack, Magnus met a young kinfolk woman who he would later take as his mate.

He met Girste in a Sami village where she lived with her family. They got on so well and found they shared similar values that it wasn't long before she was joining Magnus in his environmental activism. In those heady days of youth, his activism was very direct and aggressive, often sabotaging corporate machines or protesting outside governmental buildings.

Occasionally, however, Magnus and Girste would return to the arctic circle to recharge their batteries and enjoy Gaia's beauty. It was on one such occasion, though, that disaster struck. Rogue vampires came from the north one winter and attacked Magnus' pack. He was the only survivor - even Girste and Magnus' unborn child was killed.

Nursed back to health by his Uncle Brettel, by the time he was recovered, the Vampires had moved on. Their natures as both Garou and Get of Fenris meant that the incursion, the attack, could not go unpunished. They tracked the vampires through the winter snows to a large shack just outside of Narvik. Despite the distinct disadvantage that polar night made to their retaliation, the combined anger of Magnus, Uncle Brettel and their pack swept like fire through the ranks of the kindred.

Despite avenging the death of his mate, Magnus fell into a fit of depression at this point. It was months before he got himself together. Remembering how Girste would tell him that his talents would be better served in the human world, he made the trip down to Gothenburg to work on the political stage to strive for ecological sanctions to be placed on the worst corporations and governments around the world. Girste had always tried to show him that this was the most effective way to make real change in the world. After some time in Gothernburg, amassing a fortune and setting up his own company "Living Aurora Consultancy" to lobby governments and organisations to put pressure on the worst pollutors and desicrators of Gaia.

After a number of years, Magnus became a well-known name in Scandinavian politics relating to green issues. He began to realise, though, that his acheivements would be limited going forward, unless he could get closer to the larger corporations and greater enemies of Gaia.

So it was, he decided to move to New York with a view to opening a new office for his company there.

Gifts & Rites:
Truth of Gaia
Visage of Fenris

Voice of the Jackal, Rite of Cleansing
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