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Lazarus Fenwick


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Apr 28 2014, 12:35 AM
The night was dark, much darker then it had any right to be given that the moon was shining full, it seemed that not one beam could break the dense treeline of withered dead thorns that twisted black and ominous from fallow soil. It was as if all the land had been torched black by some great fire that brought no rebirth with was against nature, and that in and of itself was unsettling.

A fog had blown in, with it a cold wet chill, and the sounds of hoof steps against dense earth, though as the sound grew louder, it followed with a more clinical tap- like heels against a tile floor, the night sky was gone, replaced with a the ceiling of an old hospital observatory, the moon choked out with bricks and dead florescent lights...

Though the forest within the dome seemed not without some faint glow within the horizon, as a small beast, limped into sight, it cast its own silvery light...not quite a goat but not a horse either, it sported one long horn from it's brow. A horn red with blood that trailed down and soaked it's forelock. It's nostrils flaring as it stomped it's feet and pawed at the ground, agitated and looking as though it was standing it's ground for a fight. Milky eyes focusing on any who would dare look upon it.

A unicorn. Not exactly a frightening sight to most, though most didn't understand how strangely the beast was acting. Though it seemed it was wounded...where its breast was pierced a quicksilver-like substance dripped, thick and viscus to the point where it made a plop as it it the tiles below it. Where it landed, more vile brier seemed to sprout. It dipped his head down, and looked ready to charge...only to get blindsided by a great boar the size of a steed, who squealed a warning and shook it's shaggy head threatening to gore the unicorn once again, who took it's leave in quick bounding leaps back through the thicket from which it came.

The boar turned, and snorted, kicking at the tainted earth until only the observatory remained, each consulate chair standing upright, except for the chair of Forces, the sphere of the Order of Hermes which was knocked to the floor. A small business card sat on the floor next to it, an law firm out in Queens with no real name attached to it other then the founders. Whitmore and Tate.


Lazarus found himself out only to indulge in some human interaction which he sorely lacked and felt he needed because he swore he could feel himself slipping, and that was years before he had ever turned. He had talked his little brother into taking him with when Jonas had run off to the bars, but after a few hours he felt as though he had probably been ditched for some skirt along the way. He couldn't say he really blamed the kid, and honestly good on him, because life really was for the living. He smirked, hands in his pockets as he walked down a darkened street.

There was no moon, and you couldn't see the one point Lazarus would have been leery about that, inauspicious to say the least. But he knew what really crept in the dark, he had become one of them, and he didn't feel he had much to fear anymore- besides, the neighborhood was familiar, his firm had been out here when he still worked there some years ago, it was nostalgic really...bitter sweet enough to bring a sad smile to his face as he slowed to a stop by the old building he had spent so much of his better years in.

It looked just as he left it, though his name was long since scrubbed from the sign, expected but it still felt a bit like a tiny betrayal. He lingered for just a moment before chuckling, what the hell was he doing here? He should have just hit the subway and called a cab to get him home. This was ridiculous. Grasping at something that wasn't his and never would be again even if he had been. Though a weird feeling struck him, like he was meant to be there, a sensation he hadn't felt since he still sported a pulse, and he paused, washed out blue eyes scanning the horizon then the skies as though looking for a sign...but it was dark and there were no answers there that he could see.
Mar 16 2014, 01:05 AM

Player Name: Squeeji

Character Name: Lazarus Joseph Fenwick

Alias: The Crimson Tide

Age: 40

Affiliation: Tremere, former Order of Hermes bani House Quaesitor

PB: Benedict Cumberbatch

Appearance: --

Personality: An eccentric shut in, that's basically how the heir of the Fenwick estate has branded himself. Lazarus plays the part well, rarely seeing company and seeming dispondant with the majority of his family- he actively avoids anyone else with claims of hypochondriacism and shaky humours. He'll pitch a fit any other way and tends to never leave the room that he's holded himself up in, often muttering to himself and rarely leaving his bed. It's almost as though he's studied the behavior of Howard Hughes to a 'T' and took the least offensive qualities to keep inquizitive minds at bay. After all, what better way to diguise the change in lifestyle thrust upon him? No one questions a mad man in a rich broken family with a reputation for such...drama.

Of course, that's the facade. In reality, Lazarus is a level headed man with no real feelings either way about people. He's genial, polite and well spoken. A regular gentleman when he allows his defenses down. While the party line is that the middle Fenwick brother is devoid of any humor to his person, Lazarus rather enjoys a good joke- it's just he's so dry and subtle with his humor that it's easy to miss. When he insults it's always placed as some sort of backwards compliment- his is a world made up of Lincoln burns, he's been part of high society long enough that it's just part of his nature. He's not exactly the gregarious sort. Though quiet, he enjoys company even though it has a knack of draining him after too long. However that's more a situation where his new lifestyle has started to wear off on him. He's actually quite lonely and miserable where he's at, but it is for the best.

Though he's been doing 'what's for the best' for others since as long as he can remember. Putting his family before himself has always been his place in life. He has made himself the villain in their eyes to assure their safety, he's put his own happiness on the backburner to keep things together. And while part of him feels as though a little appreciation would be nice, he also knows that this has all come together just as he planned it. So he can't really complain. Though he does, at least in his own private time...which he has plenty of. For a labor of love, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, which also means himself. Though that almost obsessive level of martyrdom has started to take a toll, couple with that a slipping connection with humanity Lazarus has started to grow somewhat draconian in his meddling, though that's always been the case with him, while he insists that he's not going back the same route he did as The Crimson Tide, there is something to be said about whatever happened to the former family Patriarch.

History: A story done to death, Lazarus was the third child, or the second legitimate child born to the Fenwick family, raised to his father's specifications to be a less disappointing son then the two that came before them. Eager to please and always so obedient there was never much of a question of who his father August liked the most, because to say love was a bit too strong a sentiment from the old mage. Though Lazarus did love his father, he loved his brothers too, so much so that when he grew up, he took on the family responsibility as heir even though there was a life he would have rather lived then the one he was forced into.

Certainly he had his fun as a youth, running wild with his older brothers Tobias and Gideon between seasons in private school. Though he always had his duties in mind, how manage a household and classes that assisted in that were the bulk of his electives reflected that. When he came home, he was tutored by his father in matters more metaphysical. By the time his other siblings came around, he was already set in his ways, by thirteen his awakening was expected though not particularly welcomed...though it was a relief in it's own way, the last thing he wanted to be was a disapointment.

Which was why as he got older he grew more guarded, he was growing up an excellent young man of the house, and an exceptional mage, though there were things he was hiding about himself that he couldn't even tell his brothers. It wasn't that he didn't trust them, it was just he couldn't risk either of them telling anybody, or worse...they could have validated what he was afraid of- that he was somehow homosexual. So guarded grew hostile and then cold, until he was happy that at least Gideon had turned on him, and soon Tobias just sort of gave up, both of them moved was a blessing in disguise really, because they could no longer stood a chance to ruin the facade he built for himself.

No he got through highschool, and went to law school, though he passed his bar exam he never worked for any firm, no his degree was just another extension of House Quesitor and a life he rather would have not bothered with. With his family all drifting away, Larzarus stayed- living in his family home for much longer then he probably should have- until his father's judgmental eye and meddling found him taking a wife that he had no business taking. Even in a best case scenario he'd have neglected his husbandly duties with his docket...but as he was, he allowed Candice to do as she wished, turning a sick yet familar mirror to his own father. He was a Fenwick and he was right where he belonged, working along with his fellow Order of Hermes and ignoring his ever increasingly messed up domestic life, trying to do their best to manage things diplomatically in the shadow of a war they were obviously losing.

Throw in there a situation where Gideon had defected to the Technocracy and his younger brother and sister causing incident after incident among the sleepers...couple in that Tobias was throwing his lot in with a well known Lich and assumed infernalist. Well...Lazarus had his hands full also trying to keep his own people from tearing his family apart. All the while his parents were too busy fucking around in spite to do anything of any use to keep the Fenwick name out of ruin. While he couldn't care less what anyone thought about them, he couldn't in good confidence allow his siblings to take the fall of poor upbringing. Though he no longer showed it...he loved them more then that.

So when he was given a position among the consulate for judging crimes after the Ascension war, Larzarus was perhaps not quite as impartial as he should have been, it wasn't that he gave leniancy towards his siblings' crimes, in fact he wasn't allowed to take part in their trials, however he did what he could to make certain that no one came out of the hearings well. If everyone looked a monster...then even the worst of cases would look just as bad as the rest. A bloody affair Lazarus gave the worst rulings at every turn- gaining a grisly name for his supposed callousness. The Crimson Tide, bringing forth exile and blood to all those who had turned against the Traditions or broke the Shadow Law. HIs family might have survived after the war, but Lazarus was pulled out of the consulate by the old seat's hand, to be replaced by a younger less dangerous Hermetic, his name and place among his own was ruined, and with that Lazarus retreated into obscurity back to the real world, one that was falling apart faster then he could put it together.

If it even could be.

There was just the quiet grace of a job well done, thankless but Lazarus was content to go home to his less then faithful and hateful wife, who was really never home except for occasional public events for appearances. He saw his girls when they were home from school...He lived a quiet life as a shamed man who didn't see any reason to be shamed for what he did. In fact after awhile, looking back on everything...he didn't feel too bad about anything, and in quiet lonely desperation he started to do as Candice did, he started to work on an affair.

Sadly his choice in men was nearly as good as his choice in women, he could have sworn that at first he had been a member of the Order, he had that know how...but hindsight of course being 20/20, Lazarus found himself strung up as the ghoul of one of his own's most reviled boogiemen, his soul slowly growing corrupted by the foul ichor he somehow willing lapped up from the monster. Lazarus hid his servitude and addiction to vitae easily, no one called for him, not among his family or the consulate, so he suffered quietly learning what he could from the Tremere through osmosis in hopes of somehow breaking himself free from being blood bound, but he never really got the chance, within a few years of feeling himself losing that battle his domitor became his sire and what was left of his avatar screamed and was silenced with the atropy of his very being and revival into something far more sinister.

He still bided his time, learning what he could from his sire...he learned to hunt, he learned to do what was natural in a way that worked with his now static and inert body, though the loss of enlightenment and the prospect of ascension made anything and everything a cold consolation. Lazarus did not relish the power, or the immortality. But when it came to politics it seemed to him that the student had already surpassed the master, so when his sire came to him speaking of a Transubstatiation of Seven, and some pact of loyalty among his new foul kind, Lazarus knew he had learned enough. To his sire's misfortune, his childe was a clever- he couldn't kill the kindred directly he was out powered, but in his own home, he had enough old snares and binds to trick the young Tremere into a death trap...a snap of old sorcery the creature burst into flames, and with his spell over Lazarus gone, there was no real problem dispatching the body with an old camping ax and hiding his body in the walls.

As if nothing happened, Lazarus went back to status quo, as if convinced it had been for hte longest time a very long and terrible nightmare he had finally woken up from. Logically he knows the truth. Though he sits up in his large office at night trying to figure out where everything went wrong. His reputation has become somehwat as something as an eccentric, most whisper that he's touched like the rest of the Fenwick children, which might be the case, but Lazarus continues to keep the family together by pulling the strings, why has August Fenwick been so quiet as of late? Well that's a secret that only his heir knows, but he's been making sure that everything has been running smoothly. Though he hasn't seen anyone complain, but as always they haven't been grateful either.

Special Skills, Abilities, Notes:
Dominate: 3
Thamaturgy (The Path of Corruption): 2
Thamaturgy (The Path of Mars): 1
Potence: 1
Rituals: (Level 1) Bind the Accusing Tongue, Expedient Paperwork, Domino of Life
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