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Tabitha Halevi


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Apr 18 2014, 11:49 PM
Tabitha looked across the VIP lounge with a quiet sense of satisfaction. Everywhere she looked there were Kindred, easily two dozen already present and more arriving by the moment. These were her people, in every sense of the word. Since claiming power only a short few weeks ago she had been reaching out to every corner of the city to ensure that her new position of Prince was both known and accepted by the general populace of the city. Many had accepted her position with little incident, just as she had expected. After all, most Kindred were content to be left alone and she had no intention of changing that, at least for now. Sure, there had been problems. The Lasombra Primogen had taken his toys and gone home, retreating to Queens and refusing to acknowlege her as Prince, but he had also refused to acknowledge any of her detractors or rivals. The formost of the latter being the Ventrue Primogen, who was lost to his own delusions of grandeur and sense of entitlement.

None of that mattered to her now. Tonight was for revelry and proving that the new paradigm was preferable to the complicated and ineffectual leadership of the Primogen Council for the last half century. This calling of Elysium served to remind the Kindred population of New York that with a Prince once more in power it was time for a return to form. She had arranged for everything. A well-known local band was doing its best to overcome the thumping din from the mortal rave downstairs in the club proper. The bar was well stocked with the finest liquors, and willing blood dolls imbibing them for her Kindred guests. The finest decor that money could buy hung from the walls surrounding finely upholstered chairs and mahogany tables. When combined with a guest list which included all the (loyal) movers and shakers of the city's Kindred, this Elysium would prove to be the highlight of Kindred society for months to come.

Tabitha smiled and made her way to the stage, flanked by two large and hairless bodyguards clearing the way through the crowd on the dance floor fo her. When she reached the stage, she made a short show of bobbing her head in time with the music before gesturing to the singer to end the song. Stepping forward and taking the microphone from him, she looked across the assembled Kindred with a broad smile. "Welcome ladies and gentleman to this, the first True Elysium that New York City has seen since 1964! This is a safe place, where you can relax and mingle with the finest that our society has to offer. Please, enjoy yourselves but remember that protocol and politeness are a must, and my companions here..." She indicated the large hairless men beside her and flanking each entrance. "...are here to ensure that no one oversteps themselves after one too many sips from the bar!" She smiled and laughed lightly at her own little joke. "If you have matters which require my Princely attention, feel free to approach me or one of your lovely Primogen hosts and you will have a response before tonight's festivities conclude. If not, then simply enjoy yourselves and remember that we are here for you!" She grinned at the cheers that went up and knew that, while the majority of the city was still uncertain if they truly needed a Prince, there were at least a few new converts amongst this crowd.

Then she handed the microphone back to the band leader with a faux enthusiastic thumbs-up and stepped down from the stage. She made her way to the raised dais at the back of the lounge, where a large couch had been adorned with the finest of pillows for her to manage any courtly matters and enjoy herself in the meantime. Seated upon her cushioned throne, she watched the party with a smile, a triumphant glimmer in her eyes...
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