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Logan McNiel


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Apr 26 2014, 02:23 AM
This is my first attempt at a plot page, so bear with me. Logan's pretty much your average Fianna. She likes to party, drink and fight; not always in that order. Although Logan is a friendly Garou, she doesn't like metis at all.

Friends: As I've said before, Logan's pretty friendly. As long as you're not a metis and you're not rude or arrogant, she'll be happy.

Lovers: Being a Fianna, Logan's very passionate. She also holds the Litany in high regard, so she'll most likely gravitate towards either human or wolf Kinfolk.

Enemies: Anyone who's rude and disrespectful, regardless of tribe, auspice or breed. Most metis would also be considered enemies. If you're a metis and you've proved yourself to be Logan's friend, count yourself lucky.
Apr 24 2014, 07:17 AM

Player Name: Luna

Character Name: Logan McNiel

Alias: Savage-Fang

Age: 23

Affiliation: Fianna/ Lupus/ Ahroun

PB: Adele Adkins aka Adele

Appearance: Logan has the Fianna symbol tattooed on her right hand.

Glabro: Logan is slightly taller and bulkier in this form. Her hair is thicker but stays the same color as her homid form. Logan's nails and teeth are sharp and she has pointed ears.

Crinos: Logan is around 9 feet tall. She has shining black fur and greenish-grey eyes. Logan looks like your modern Hollywood werewolf with sharp teeth and claws.

Hispo: Logan looks like a dire wolf with black fur and greenish-grey eyes. She has sharp claws like her crinos form but her jaw strength is greater.

Lupus: Logan's lupus form is similar to her hispo, but her lupus form is slightly smaller. Like most Fianna, her lupus form is bigger than an ordinary wolf and she has black fur and greenish-grey eyes.

Personality: Like most Fianna, Logan is a passionate Garou. She enjoys music, as well as partying and drinking. Although Logan is not a Galliard, she likes to tell people stories about the Fianna. She is also very family-oriented and values Fianna Kinfolk greatly. Logan, being a Lupus Ahroun, tends to show wolfish behavior, even in homid form and feels uncomfortable in human society.

Humans can subconsciously sense the wolf in her and shy away from her. Being Fianna, Logan has a rather short temper. She is easily angered when she is insulted. Logan also gets irritated by those who disrespect the Fianna. She loves to howl and like the majority of Fianna, her howls are both beautiful and eerie. Logan has high regard for the Litany and despises metis for being a result of breaking the Litany.

History: Logan was born and raised in Scotland. Like other lupus Garou, she was raised by her mother like a normal wolf. Logan learned the ways of the wolf and became familiar with Gaia. However, she didn't learn about the Fianna or the Garou at this point. That would come later. Logan's mother wasn't intending to keep it from her. She just knew that her daughter did not need to know that information until her first change.

When Logan experienced her first change, she was out hunting with her mother. Things were going well until two metis Garou showed up in their crinos forms and started harassing the two lupus Garou. Logan's mother shifted into her crinos form and attempted to defend her daughter. Unfortunately, she was outnumbered and the two metis ganged up on her. Logan was angered by this and felt a white-hot rage that she had never experienced before. Her body trembled violently as she shifted into her crinos form. The two metis got the shock of their lives as Logan and her mother drove them away.

Although she was glad to have been able to help her mother, she was freaked out at going from four legs to two. Logan's mother told her daughter about being a Garou and a part of the Fianna. She agreed with her mother and decided to go to the nearest caern to talk to the Fianna elders. When Logan arrived, the elders agreed to show her the ways of the Garou and the Fianna. She learned everything the elders had to teach her until she was deemed ready for her Rite of Passage.

Soon, the elders deemed Logan ready to take her Rite of Passage. In order to prove herself, she had to complete three tasks. The first task Logan had to complete was a test of stealth. She had to track an animal for three days and three nights without the animal realizing she was there. Although there were a couple of close calls with the stag nearly detecting Logan's presence, she managed to complete the task successfully. The second task she had to do was a test of endurance. Logan had to be the first up a cliff face while being chased by three other Garou. She was successful, even though the three Garou were Ahroun as well. Logan's third task was a test of combat. She had to defend a wooden log over a stream against all corners. Logan was able to complete this task, with a great deal of ferocity. When she returned to the elders, they asked her if she wanted to be a part of the Fianna. Logan accepted because it felt right to her and the Galliards gave her the name "Savage-Fang", due to the third task of her Rite of Passage.

Special Skills, Abilities, Notes:
Gifts: Predator's Arsenal, Razor Claws, Hare's Leap
Rites: Rite of Boasting
Languages: English, Scottish Gaelic, Garou, Lupus
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