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Apr 19 2014, 12:19 AM
Link: Black Dog on an Unmarked Path

Location: North Brother Island, The Bronx

Open to: Garou/Mage

Description: A woman is found flayed on North Brother Island, not far from the abandoned hospital. She's currently being guarded by a large black dog who is announcing his presence by barking incessantly.

Notes: This could be a tense one, a Garou has just died on what is basically Tradition territory, so it's going to look suspicious. So how tempers might be flare might be particularly nasty given the situation.
Dec 20 2013, 05:24 PM
- The Lease of Manhattan Island is Up
In 1877 the Island of Manhattan was 'purchased' from the Lenape tribe by a group of seafaring traders. However, the sale was not permanent, as great mystics from the bygone Croatan Garou put a spiritual pact on the agreement that after 99 years the land would revert back to Gaia and it's rightful heirs- The Children of Turtle and the Little White Feet Sept, That contract ended some forty years ago...yet nothing happened.

With the disappearance of the Croatan, and the displacement of their local kin, the pact was all but forgotten. The paperwork long since lost by 1976, though where it had been lost, no one is particularly certain. It all fell upon the hands of an old Silver Fang theurge by the name of Robert "Lies-Beneath-Snowfields" who found the written contract in a vault of his ancestor's things, knowing that it was important, and the changes that the island had gone through in such a scant amount of time that if the spirits revoked Manhattan from the people who lived there, many lives would be lost. Which wasn't even to say where the new ownership would hand off to- The Little White Feet Sept was long gone, it's remains make up what left of The Sept of the Green, and the Croatan are long gone.

It took crafty diplomacy, but Robert managed to extend the pact for 'as long as he lived' a secret that he took to his grave just this past year. Since, things have gotten a bit strange for the Sept of the Green and the Garou who live there...

- There Goes the Neighborhood
For whatever reason, spirits have started to hop over without any real consideration for the fact they belong in the Umbra- a situation that has some real ramifications for physical world. A wild insurgence of life has started to take over the city itself, coyotes, raccoons and other wild animals are starting to consider New York City just another wilderness to survive in. Plants are starting to break apart abandoned buildings and within days time return the plot of forgotten land to Gaia. The spirits are giving the island back to Gaia and still, most Garou are considering this a good thing, nature always finds a way, but some are starting to wonder how natural all of this really is.

After all, the recent and powerful storms that are besieging the city have been starting to take a toll on The Sept of the Green and their modus operandi for taking care of hte people of the city. Only now are Garou starting to wonder what this is all about, but very few know about the history of Manhattan island and the real trouble that the not knowing is going to get them.

It's also particularly alarming as well, that an upshot of lost cubs have started to crop up- their lineage untraceable and the spirits that seem attracted to them unfamiliar to most of the urrah of New York. Mother Larissa has sent summons to every corner of the United States to bring members of the Pure Tribes, Uktena and Wendigo to help with understanding where these cubs have come far, no one is quite for sure.

-Where hell are the Glass Walkers?
Unrelated, within the last year Glass Walker attendance within the Sept of the Green has been low, though mostly only among older and higher ranked Children of Roach. They have been quiet ever since the Occupy Wall Street rally and have been secretive about what they've been up to since. It might be something, but there are mutterings that perhaps they have moved their loyalty to another caern, but no one has seen proof that such a spiritual center exists inside the city proper.

- Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife....
More alarmingly, there has been an insurgence of Skindancers upstate, Skindancers, kin who use an unholy rite to turn five stolen Garou skins to turn themselves into Garou are starting a coalition to unite other kinfolk unhappy with their lot in life. They have already took over the White Waters Sept in Niagra and have been picking skirmishes with other Septs in the area- many have lost packs of precious cubs along their rite of passage. Even the Sept of the Green almost lost a pack some years ago.

However, the Skindancers and their current leader, a woman who simply calls herself Stone-Daughter are growing bold, it's not enough to pick off cubs in the woods, now they're starting their assault on the city, looking for young Garou with thick hides to bolster their numbers.
Dec 13 2013, 09:27 PM
Because someone asked, here it is...honestly we could use more Urrah (Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers), and we're a bit thick on Ahourn and Ragabash.

Most Sept Officer Positions open!

Black Furies: 1 (Kin: 2)
Bone Gnawers: -
Children of Gaia: 2
Fianna: 1
Get of Fenris: 1
Glass Walkers: 2
Shadow Lords: 2
Silent Striders: -
Silver Fangs: 1
Uktena: - (Kin: 1)
Wendigo: -
Unknown: 1 (Kin: 1)
Skindancer: -

Ragabash: 1
Theurge: 2
Philodox: 3
Galliard: 2
Ahourn: 3

Homid: 10
Lupus: 1
Metis: 0

Cub: 0
Cliath: 6
Fostern: 3
Adren: 2
Nov 22 2013, 11:54 PM
Major Positions

Grand Elder: Mother Larissa
- The Grand Elder is who is in charge of the Sept overall. He or she is the leader of the Sept in all matters, and may or may not be advised by a council made up of the Tribal Alphas. It is the Grand Elder who declares when a Sept is at war and has final say in all officer rulings. The Sept's entire protectorate is considered to be the Elders's territory and within it he or she is the ultimate authority.

Warder: Adrian "Holds-Back-Shadows" Ostrogska
-A caern's Warder consolidates and organizes the defenses of the caern and its surrounding bawn. In peacetime, the holder of this position must make certain that the static defenses stay in good shape and that regular patrols secure the integrity of the bawn's borders (even if the Warder herself has to make those patrols). The Warder decides who may enter the bawn and who may have access to the caern's heart

Master of the Rite:
Tim "Vertigo-Effect" Hutch (DECEASED)
- The Master of the Rite has the responsibility for overseeing every rite performed within the territory of the caern. While the Master herself need not personally conduct all the rites, she does need to make certain that the Garou performing the rite does so correctly. Furthermore, she has the duty of overseeing any rite that takes place within the heart of the caern.

Master of the Challenge: Gathers-No-Moss
-The Master of the Challenge occupies a position central to the structure of Garou life. The holder of this position oversees all challenges that may occur within the sept, whether the challenge comes as a result of a feud between rivals or as a prelude to a rise in rank. In essence, this position upholds the hierarchical structure of Garou society and makes certain that each werewolf receives fair treatment according to her rank and to the laws of the Litany regarding challenges.

Minor Positions

Tale Singer: OPEN!
- Though this is technically a minor position within the sept, the Talesinger holds great status among sept members. During moots, the Talesinger takes the spotlight to relate the exploits and deeds of the ancient and contemporary heroes of the pack, sept and the Garou Nation.

Keeper of the Land: OPEN!
-The Keeper of the Land has the responsibility of maintaining the physical appearance and spiritual health of the caern and its surrounding bawn. While some Garou consider this position nothing more than that of a glorified gardener or groundskeeper, the Keeper of the Land actually plays a crucial role in the vitality and strength of a caern. Spirits find an attractive and well-kept caern a more congenial environment than one that shows little concern for upkeep. Therefore, Keepers of the Land must be conversant with the local spirits and must keep their desires in mind as well as the needs of the caern environment.

Truth Catcher: OPEN!
- The Truthcatcher's position may require a fairly constant presence within the caern's territory, for the werewolf who holds this office must settle disputes among the members of the sept. These important duties take place during moots or specifically-called counsels for hearing grievances or judging crimes against the sept or the Litany.

- Chosen by the Warder to help patrol the caern and make certain that no one enters the bawn without the knowledge of the sept, the Guardian has the task of leading the Revel that ends each moot, thus placing him at the center of the action during a time of solidarity with Gaia and the the primal world. At other times, the Guardian's responsibilities consist of coordinating the packs within the caern, organizing strikes outside the caern under the Warder's command.

Spirit Caller: Bernard "Daylight-Fading" Ostrogska
-The Spirit Caller has the responsibility for summoning the sept's totems, including the spirit of the caern, during moots. Although Theurges usually serve in this position due to their proclivity for communicating with spirits and their general familiarity with the Spirit World, other auspices can act as Spirit Caller if they enjoy dealing with the denizens of the spirit world. This position requires a good grounding in Umbral politics. The Spirit Caller should know whether or not any rival totem spirits exist within the caern so that she does not offend one spirit by summoning only the other one.

Master of the Howl: OPEN!
- A limited but valuable role in the sept, the Master of the Howl has the task of leading the sept's howls during moots. Ideally designed for a Galliard, other auspices may hold this position so long as they possess a talent for performing, knowledge of all the howls and songs used in the sept and a good voice. The Master of the Howl needs to know how to set the correct tone of each howl so that he can evoke the proper atmosphere, whether dealing with the Opening Howl or with any of the other songs and howls that punctuate the moot

Den Mother: OPEN!
- The Den Mother sees to the cubs within the sept, making sure that they get the mentoring they need to survive their Rite of Passage. The Den Mother has the responsibility of teaching and protecting the younger Garou of the Sept. Cubs and Cliath both fall under the watchful eye of the Den Mother. The Den Mother must able to teach Lupus, Homid, or Metis youngsters of vastly different tribes and auspices alike. They teach what it is to be Garou, the Litany, about the auspices, and about each Tribe, albeit without stepping on the teachings of an Cub of Cliath's individual background.

GateKeeper: Zeke Little-Voice
-The Gatekeeper oversees the maintenance of the caern's moon bridges. He or she is responsible for opening and closing these passageways into the Spirit World and for the annual renewing of the caern's moon bridges. Gatekeepers serve as the liaison between caerns, deciding whether or not to allow another sept to open a moon bridge linking two caerns. In times of danger, the Gatekeeper closes off access to the caern through the Spirit World, subject to the final decision of the Warder. A Gatekeeper has charge of the caern's Pathstone, a powerful fetish that not only signifies her position, but also enables the Gatekeeper to communicate directly with the caern's totem, thus allowing the opening of a moon bridge.

Emissary: OPEN!
- Since the Gatekeeper seldom leaves the caern, emissaries are needed to travel along the moon bridges she opens; making certain the pathway is free of hindrances. Emissaries also initiate discussion with other septs to determine terms of travel between septs. Occasionally, when dealing with hostile or rival septs, the position of Gatekeeper's emissary can involve tricky negotiations and sometimes battle.

Tribal Alphas

Black Furies: OPEN!
Bone Gnawers: OPEN!
Children of Gaia: OPEN!
Fianna: OPEN!
Get of Fenris: OPEN!
Glass Walkers: OPEN!
Shadow Lords: OPEN!
Silent Striders: OPEN!
Silver Fangs: OPEN!
Stargazers: OPEN!
Uktena: OPEN!
Wendigo: OPEN!

The positions that are maintained by characters must be played out once a month. Those characters who are not active will loose those positions as they are not doing their duty.
At any point a character may be challenged if they are not doing their job well or a another character thinks they migh do it better. Terms of the Challenge are dependent on the Auspice of the Garou and the other characters moderating the Challenge.

Cubs cannot be a Sept Officer.

Tribal Alphas defer to the judgment of the Sept Elders. Any tribe not listed does not currently have a tribal alpha due to the low population at the sept. Given the amount of work it takes to hold a Minor Position or be a Tribal Alpha a character may only hold one position.


The most important aspect of the Garou Nation, every wolf wants to be in a pack, and werewolves are no different. Pack bounds are important and they allow Garou to feel apart of something in a world where they aren't particularly welcome. All packs are put together under a common cause and held tight by a patron spirit called a Totem. A Totem gives the Garou among a pack remarkable powers but also asks for something in return...sometimes it is quite a steep price for such powers.

Here at Final Nights, you must have three Garou to start a pack, and you have to court your Totem in game to get them to notice you...which might be quite the adventure!

Either way you have to fill out this mini app.

Pack Name: (What you call your pack.)
Totem: (What Spirit patrons your pack?)
Purpose: (What your pack does. Do they fight corruption by doing work for the inner city? Do they patrol the umbra for rogue spirits? Can be anything.)
Alpha:(Who Leads the Pack)
Beta: (Second in Command)
Other Pack Members: (Anyone else.)
Nov 5 2013, 09:06 PM
June Sparks

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Bernard Ostrogska

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Lords of Shadow (with Erika)

Trouble? Me? No Way... (with Leyna and Adrian)

It's Your Soul but Could You Bottle It Up (with Ashley, Adrian and Ruby)

Ben Honee

Blank Points (SWP)

Funeral for a Friend (with Tobias)

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Noah Fenwick

We're Catching Bullets with the Best Resources we got (Seeking)

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The Sweet Domestic Life (with Paul and Lilith)

Come Out and Play (with Esther and Tobias)

You are Seldom Breathing Life but mostly Death (with Leyna)

The Girl Can't Help It (with Tobias)

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts (SWP)

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Six Deep

Day One (with Whina)

Stout Men, Not Stout Walls, Make the Stout City (with Wenchang, Astrid and Harley)

The Future Soon (SWP)

The Best Intentions (with Lino)

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Herbert Silverman

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