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May 17 2014, 02:25 AM
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Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message system (your number) is not available. at the tone, please record your message. when you are finished recording, you may hang up, or press 1 for more options. to leave a callback number, press 9

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Apr 10 2014, 02:32 AM
It had taken quite a bit of set up, but then again, Noah wasn't exactly a man known for taking the easy route for things he wanted done. This had been a pet project that he had been working on long as he could remember, but he felt like this time the things would work out...he had made a gun that could stop bullets, or rather any projectile force of some form of matter. It all made sense now, and he was practically giddy at the concept, even though he felt it might have been a bit too little too late, still it wasn't the application it was the research and development that was the important part.

Oh right, and the actual quality control run, that was the fun part...putting theory into practice. Which was why on the first rare night where he had the house to himself he put a .22 on a remote trigger on one side of the basement as he brandished his new toy across from it. Now most sane people would have thought twice before putting themselves in front of a loaded gun, and they certainly wouldn't have considered firing it at themselves. But Noah knew this would work.

His science was flawless this time around. It had to.

Still he put on his goggles and lit a cigarette as he toyed with the remote. "Hmmm." So he wasn't exactly the sane sort of person that would consider this sort of thing a bad idea, but he had his was live ammunition after all, his spirit was willing, but he was woefully reminded that his flesh was weak and extremely bullet prone. But it wasn't like he could stand here all day- he gave the remote a click, and shot his freeze ray, though what happened sort of caught him off guard.

Now given the circumstances, one of two things should have happened: either his experiment worked or he was sporting a brand new hole. Though neither of these two things happened, instead it felt as though there was a bit of a dreamy pause put on everything, a thick haze that slowed everything down and made the lines of the world around him fade and blur until there was nothing around him. This New but not was simply different. Noah blinked, walking around in his newfound white hot room looking confused, not even noticing that he had been unarmed. "What the hell?"
Feb 19 2014, 01:32 AM
Noah stood in front of a wall of wire spindles, head tilted to the side as he looked on with a dull expression that was only half seen behind the thick sunglasses he was wearing in the late February most it would have seemed needless, but the flickering of the florescent lights over head was a pain that he wasn't really feeling right now. Not even in the attempt to look normal.

Which wasn't an option even if he tried, because in a pair of bright red skinny and a tight little peacoat he wasn't exactly the normal clientele around these parts. Do-it-yourself? Sure! But he was sort of DIY meets Buck Rogers. Though there were a few people who walked by who muttered something about tweakers as he finger tested some of the pliability of the copper in front of him. Which pulled an annoyed expression out of him...a sneer that looked about ready to take lift off it got any higher then where it was.

Right, because that's completely what he looked like. He huffed jiggling his leg where he stood, and rubbed at his nose, if this wasn't one of the easiest places and town for him to get to and get what he needed for his projects he'd have stormed out already, but he needed something to do.

It had been a long, bad week, and while he was certain it was going to get better, he just was trying to take his mind off of things. His son's first run in with the "Dream Police" had gotten him shaken, and there was really nothing he could do about it. Couldn't even really talk about it. So instead, he chose to create in a stead of destruction...which would probably lead to more destruction but fuck it.

He giggled, pulling out a length of what felt right and snipping it off, rolling it up and dropping it into a bag as he continued his shopping, the laughter intensifying a bit as he rolled his rings and sounded like a proper comicbook villain as he made his way to the soldering materials.
Jan 3 2014, 03:17 AM
It was late, but Noah knew better then to think Tobias was anything but up on a Friday night, there was a once upon a time where his big brother had been the coolest guy in the world, like for real...they used to go partying all the time, or rather he was allowed to tag along because of some familiar allowance even if he was just annoying kid sibling, but honestly he thought the world of his brother. Maybe not as much as say Lilith, but he never really looked up to Lilith, that was like a right hand looking up to the left hand, they were part of the same whole.

Of course sometimes the right hand slapped the left hand too, and after a situation involving an experiment that escaped, just a hybrid thing, no big deal, but Lilith and Paul got way bent out of shape after they dealt with the situation in just the worst possible manner...who shot something that was half wolf spider? Honestly! Noah found himself thinking about whether or not Tobias was up because he was standing at his door and giving it a knock with the ridiculous bronze knocker that made him wonder if Lurch was going to answer the door.

He was formulating a plan as he waited, because he was currently without a residency or a place to rest his head. Had he called ahead there would have been excuses, he knew that, as far as the Fenwick brothers went, Noah had used up most of the sympathy the family had to offer. Couldn't blame them for that, then again, Noah would have rather shoved himself into a rocket and shoot himself into the sun before having to co-habitate with just about anyone else he was related to. Because only Lazarus lived nearby, and his other option was trying to get his parents to take him, just no...he had too much pride and homicidal inklngs for that.

So his plan long as he got his foot in the door guilt would get him the rest of the way in, but he really did want to spend more time with Tobias, for honest, so he had put on one of his going out suits and kept his knapsack out of eyesight, yes he wanted to take his brother out on a night on the town, like asking forgiveness rather then permission, one two punch, yeah he was so goddamn clever. Noah smiled and gave the door another knock yes that was a good plan it would work just fine. Of course all it required was Tobias, who might have been more asleep then initially theorized.
Dec 18 2013, 02:25 AM

Player Name: Squeeji

Character Name: Noah Abaddon Fenwick

Alias: None that bear repeating.

Age: 38

Affiliation: Sons of Ether

PB: Doc Hammer

Appearance: --

Personality: Noah has all the makings of a comic book super villain. Except that he's a square peg in a round hole...he's trying so very hard to be good, and he's just not possibly capable of it. Fanatical and just a bit detached, he took his awakening with a a cackle as he muttered "I'll show them...I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!" After all there is nothing that in his mind Science! can't do, it just takes the correct application, and his case, a bit of hand waving that stems to the realm of amoral. Which is usually where he gets in trouble. Most people, enlightened especially don't see the mentality of 'by any means necessary' a good or appropriate way to approach the world, even if Noah only sees what he does as for the greater good of humanity.

However Noah sees himself as superior to just about everyone and is loathe to take any flack from anyone that would disagree with him about anything. He's smarter then you, that's all there is to it. He has absolutely no qualms about acting that way or telling you such. He can be smug, persnickety, and chiding, his sense of humor is sharp and his sarcasm almost to dangerous levels of dry when it comes to those he can't stand...which is pretty much everyone except for his dear twin sister Lily, to whom he feels he owes everything but demands nothing.

There is little impulse control in what he does, because restraining yourself only keeps you that just isn't suitable for a man as grandiose as he is, reservation is for the weak willed that won't change the world. He's mostly unfocused, his mind is a thousand points of light, he thinks a million brilliant thoughts a minute and he tried to capture the tail of each one of those comets as they come with a mad man's fervor. So what he lacks in points of convergence he makes up for with rabid obsession, when he gets his mind on one thing he blindly follows through in nearly a trance-like state, forgoing simple biological need for his creation and ideals to the point where only failure could be guaranteed.

So what you're left with is an insane man that doesn't think things through, who tries to be good and keeps fucking it up, who unleashes horrors when trying to do something right. Who can never seem to match up to the heroes of the Ascension war, who desperately wants to redeem himself but keeps doing it wrong. He's a sad, hopeful but arrogant genius who can't seem to get it right because apparently...his brain is cracked.

He's earned a nasty reputation because of his failings over the last decade, he's aware of it. It stings, but he keeps telling himself its because other enlightened lack his scope or imagination. They don't fight the good fight, they weren't on the front lines like he was and if they were, they certainly didn't put everything on the line like Noah did. Everything, he gave the traditions his everything and they turned on him, yet he didn't given up on his loyalty to the cause.

Though losing the war did break him.

While a passionate man, he lost everything when he didn't have anything left to fight for. What good was an army of robots when there wasn't anyone to sic them on? Why genetically engineer a perfect killing machine that would never kill? There was no reason to create deathrays when there were no more mirror shades to shoot them was just something that took the wind out of his sails some. He's no longer the quite the chipper thing he was back in the day, oh certainly he can put on his aires, but it's just no fun anymore no one, but his sister, believes in him- though he still believes in himself.

There is always a tomorrow, there is always another love interest, another villain to be vanquished, another good deed to be done. He tells himself that always, his life is in shambles of course, but he's optimistic and hopeful...those minor setbacks are just that, setbacks, he can get back to where he had been. Broken but not irreparable. He's a decent human being, he tells himself that constantly, but it's more like a villainous mad scientist's madness didn't manifest as some sort of laughable theme, but rather as a fixation on being a good person.

History: As the fourth Fenwick boy to come out kicking and screaming, Noah was no real surprise, though his sister, Lilith was. While Blanche and August knew they were having twins, they had expected another boy to follow after the first given their track record, but they were happy just the same. Well at least Blanche was, she had a little girl to coddle and call her own, and a little boy who could wear all the hand-me-downs.

As far as boys went, Noah was a pretty easy keeper. He was quiet and let his sister make the fuss because she was good at that. He couldn't quite hold his own like his brothers could, or Lily, so he just schemed. He was better at playing the ends against the middle Because his big brother Tobias could punch him hard, but he could punch his other brothers just as hard. Which was for the best, because that allowed him to keep to Lily's side, hide behind her and titter away in their own odd language as the other rabble scrapped like the sorry little peons they were.

They were inseperable of course, two sides of the same coin. Both clever, they were a match made for mischief, as Noah was more the mastermind, while Lily decided she enjoyed the attention that their escapades created. Notorious pranksters the head master had their parents on speeddial for their shennigans, so while their lives were rather uneventful all things considered, they never really lacked discipline, it was just that they didn't really have any respect for it. No they really only had respect for each other, to the point where they kept mostly to each other for sanity sake, because in Noah's opinon they really were the only two people worth just about anything.

Of course, as they started to grow older and their interests drifted from being the terrors of their private school to being young adults with their own lives. It was just the natural order of siblings at that age. Lily had her own life to live being some bohemian wild child and Noah went to college to improve his already frightening technical skills. He was doing well where he was at, his work showed promise of course, then was kicked out by the board because of risky behavior...Acadamia let him down, considered a liability to the engineering department, which was only a minor setback, certainly family affairs were a nightmare given the snide looks he received and hte giggles behind his back. But they could laugh, he'd have the last one of course. Noah was certain of that. He had big aspirations to change the world. Make a difference and do something good. He had told his sister so much and she beleived him, of course she worried, but it was nothing. What could go wrong?

Well, nothing at first, he was living the highlife with independant grants for his research he was doing what he loved and loving what he was doing so he had no complaints besides sucess just made him feel all the better about turning his nose up at his family. Though things couldn't stay good forever. His passion pulled in another young woman by the name of Maria, and in a whirlwind romance they were married within a half a year, no one expected them to last, and they were right. Stubbornly as one might imagine Noah holds to the fact that hindsight of course is twenty-twenty. But in the end, his hubris was going to get the best of him, he had his love, his aspirations, and his success, for once in his life everything was going his way. But soon he would only have his aspirations to his name.

They said he was lucky to have survived, the blast had decimated the one bedroom apartment he had been renting, he hadn't been burned, but the impact in which he hit the farthest wall had broken a fair number of his bones. Though the pain was bad, it was nothing compared to how his head felt, like his head had cracked open and all the cosmos had decided to filter in and he couldn't quite put himself back together. Like something was missing, a feeling that didn't go away until Lily came to his bedside...even though his only next of kin Maria, had decided not to show. He had awakened, and in doing so had awakened Lily in return, rekindling hte connection they had as children only on a much more personal and nearly spiritual level.

It wasn't exactly a surprise to either of the twins they awakened, enlightenment was something that followed the current generation of Fenwicks ever since their mother married in. Only the youngest brother hadn't, and the eldest, but he wasn't exactly related to Blanche and her more magically inclined ilk.

While it wasn't a surprise it did take some getting used to, science had always been his thing, his passion, his love...and all of a sudden he knew more then he ever had before. Like his stupid lectures had only scratched the surface, and now...even better his sister was again his partner in crime. Of course he could have done without the bodily harm to get there, it was still sort of laughable that just like old times it took one twin getting their ass handed to them to really get them to get shit done.

Things fell in line in quick succession after their awakening, Noah threw his allegiance to the Traditions, more or less because they welcomed a young mage whose body was cast then capable with open arms. Not quite in the position to do much more then research and development, the twins' tutelage swift and basically pointless. Then again, when Noah and his sister had a mentor for all of about three months before the guy was lost in the literal ether of the doubt torn asunder by the avatar storm.

Though it was of no real important, because by that point, they had both hit their stride, or at least...Noah did, he bought into the Etherite ideal hook, line and sinker, and that was probably for the best, and the worst. Because the only thing worse then a blossoming young mad scientist, was giving him the power to actually do the things he had only ever dreamed of. He was capable and had an obvious division of 'good' and 'evil', which only meant that the Traditions themselves fueled a very real problem for themselves, one that didn't take care of itsself like they might have expected it to. Because sadly, he had Lily to watch his back, and she kept him out of too much trouble and he did the same, just a cycle of enabling that Noah was more then happy to continue given the cirumstances.

The Shadow War was something he was trained to prepare for, but combat. Yet Noah took the fight to the streets just the same, certainly not where everyone could see but subtlety was not in his vocabulary as it probably should have been. With his sister at his side and his collection of terrible toys there was no word he could use to describe himself other then: Invincible. He fought the Technocracy like they were his own Legion of was like a relentless game to him, one that took some time before he found a set of mirror shades that played the game just as good as he did. Malcolm Ogden was a different sort of Technocrat that didn't seem to go tit for tat with him on the field, the collateral damage was impressive, the paradox only seemed they let up on one another when it was obvious that the sleeper population could see them or when the backlash was so bad they had to call a truce.

A hero and his arch, Noah couldn't have asked for anything more in life, well...except that the hero always got the girl, and well, he hadn't gotten the girl, something he lamented quiete loudly to poor Lily whenever she'd give him the time. Though soon enough wife number two came along, a woman named Janet, they had met during one of the skirmishes between he and Ogden, which he but by the grace of god was able to convince her that the two of them were filming a movie. Oh but this one was special, the girl for who he was certain would be his one and only forever, because they worked in a strange way, then their son Alan came along and Noah was so far in love with his new family that he almost, but not quite ot the point where he thought about giving up the good fight. After all, he was getting older, his

Yet with great power came great responsibility, he had a calling, and while his work as a 'movie prop maker' put strain on his relationship with his wife, he was dedicated to both, just spreading himself a bit too thin. to the point where it was obvious that he was going to snap at some point. Which he did. Noah's Ascension War ended just a little sooner then everyone else...Ogden died without pomp or circumstance, there were no red and blue lasers, no mutated sharks, no ironic backfire of a creation, no he died without giving Noah any satisfaction in his death, a heart attack on the toilet was so uninspiring that all he could do was mourn the loss of his once worthy adversary. Not with a bang, but with a whimper, so went the game so went Noah...he slipped into a depression that shut him down.

It was at that point Noah Fenwick simply ceased to be, he stopped leaving his lab, he didn't eat, he didn't sleep...on occasion he smoked, he didn't do anything but replay his life on infinite loop in his head. He had lost. They had both lost. He was a loser. A failure. The punchline of a very long and painful joke. The young upstarts had swooped in and made fools of them all, and there was nothing he could have done about it, he had no heart, his soul was missing down to his very core. There was simply no thrill anymore. He didn't even feel so very sorry that Janet left him and took his son with. After all, he loved her, but the passion she had been in love with was gone...Lilith was busy with her new husband, and her baby, and he didn't want to be a bother as he slipped into obscurity, no, she had better things to do then babysit him.

He just wanted to feel alive again, that spark, that inspiration...he found it, but he purchased on a street-corner and injected it into his veins, and it almost, just almost felt like old times. Noah could work, and he worked and he worked and he worked until he ran out of things to work on, dozens of new projects, he still had it, he just needed a little help was all. Quiet made him do things he would have never considered doing before, acts of science that finally crossed over from the benign to the almost frightening. He would slip in and out of trances only to find new and more horrible things he had made without any recollection of making them, yet he felt fantastic about it, those were his. They came from him. He was proud.

However feeling good was temporary, he missed his estranged wife, he missed his kid. Noah made a lot of bad choices in the state he was in, his newly unstable state and unpredictable demeanor only pushed Janet further away...especially when Noah could have been described by the term "stalker" in just about every definition of the word and law, it would have been only a matter of time before he broke the order of protection that she had against him, and he did. Enough so that Noah found himself yet again divorced without even visitation rights to see Alan. From there he only had his science, to the point where he grew blind to everything else, he didn't notice his sister's care as anything other then meddling, he made his things as his world fell apart around his ankles, until he realized he had nothing and nobody left.

Well except for Lilith, who helped him get into a rehabilitation program upstate. Well, after the intervention, which he didn't quite take with the self righteous indignation that typically followed such get togethers. No Noah was broken and embaressed of the man he had become. Though it was nice to see some faces that were actually worried for him, his sister always did have his best intentions in mind, meddling or not. Noah knew that if he couldn't set his life straight for himself, he should at least do so for her, they needed one he did his time, and he stayed true to his word, even though mistakes were made. So long as his sister visited he did what he was supposed to, no tinkering, no drugs, no problems. There were even promises that he could stay with her family when he got out, even though her husband seemed a little less then enthused with the idea.

Though in classic Noah style, Mr. Thompson was saved, only because he found someone in rehab, much to everyone's horror...yes the next Mrs. Fenwick was Shelia, who was a nice enough girl though as expected, troubled, though right out of the clinic they moved in to her place and other then everyone's misgivings Noah was fine, happy even. Noah kept his nose clean...but after awhile, his wife didn't. She started using again, and it became a big thing, dramatic even, the fights they got into were the sorts of things that got Noah rushing out of the house and back to Lily in a scared and sobbing heap, he started spending less and less time home and more and more time at her house, toying with things in the basement, but Sheila always guilted him back, like some sort of black hole.

To say things were going poorly was an understatement, Noah loved Sheila but hated what she did to him, the money always ran out because she kept spending it on drugs, But at least at Lilith's house he was safe, and his world felt self enclosed and secure. Oh he hated that he was being such a burden, but the idea going back made him want to not be around anymore just like he had before he started taking heroin...which was more frightening to him then the idea of pestering his dear sister and her kind family. Which he was finding he quite fond of, even if at first he wasn't so very pleased with her husband being a mirror shaded bastard, really he wasn't too much of a bastard at all. That Paul. And Russell? Oh he adored his nephew so really it was pleasant...

But Shelia was ever hanging over his head, but he couldn't leave her, oh no he had been left at his lowest point, not once, but twice in his life, and he couldn't ever do it to another person. Not ever. He had told her that much when they started, so it came to some surprise when his wife sort of...disappeared out of the picture. Well not so much weird as suspicious or maybe just auspicious, because his problem was just gone. Enough so that it seemed the sort of thing that he shouldn't question. It was probably completely mundane, as Lilith said...just another junkie falling through the cracks never to be seen again. But it still hurt, it never not hurt. After all, he had been married to Shelia...there had been a connection even though it had gone sour, and he didn't know what to do with himself without her. No where to go and only one person to turn to, even though he had been turning to her in his time of need his entire life.

It was only temporary, until he could get back out on his own. He'd just live with the Thompsons' until things looked up. Though, it seems a bit more indefinite a stay then he'd like, after all, he had promised he would be out of their hair. But Noah just gets so wrapped up in what he's doing in that basement that it's hard to get out and do things that aren't super finding a proper job and an apartment, but that's sort of the eccentric sort of life he's always lived, at least now he's staying out of trouble, well except for the occasional unintentional property damage.

Special Skills, Abilities, Notes: Foci | Inventions that he calls his 'toys'. Prog Rock, cloning, genetic modification, the dead, robotic graphing, lasers, plasma, inappropriate use of spirits, Doomsday Devices, Deathrays, Robots, Monsters...really, anything you can expect some movie mad scientist in a b-movie using to take over the world, except that he's not taking over the world.

Avatar (Dynamic) | The Fenghuang, or rather the feminine form of the phoenix, a creature of destruction as well as creation. Though Noah hardly exemplifies the virtues that the Bird Empress represents at first glance, he is the yin to his sister's yang, the masculine Loong or dragon. Though ever changing the creature tends to lean towards the technological bent.

Artifact | Ether Goggles and Ectoplasmic Manipulation Gloves- A pair of goggles that allow him to look into the Dark Umbra and the Middle Umbra to see the spirits and ghosts within and a pair of gloves that give him the ability to interact with what he sees.

Forces: 3
Life: 3
Prime: 2
Mind: 2
Matter: 2
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